Plan ahead with these useful sailing tips:

  1. On the day before your sailing, double-check sailing times/weather conditions etc by phoning (065) 7075949
  2. Try to check in at the Doolin2Aran Ferries booking office at least 30 minutes before departure (allow for some delays in parking at the pier – free, but busy!)
  3. There is a small “café” on the pier with tea/coffee, freshly made home-baked scones and cookies
  4. The pier has limited toilet facilities, but there is a toilet on the boat.
  5. Bring sunglasses, and maybe a sunhat, but always prepare for the sea breeze and …
  6. Bring a sweater! Even if the sun is splitting the stones, remember to bring a jacket and/or sweater with you – the sea breeze can be quite cool
  7. And last but not least, don’t forget the camera – we guarantee there will be some magical Kodak moments!
 Worried about being sea-sick?

Try one of the following remedies at least 1 hour before sailing:

  • Take a ginger capsule, an ancient cure for nausea
  • Vitamin B6 (500 mg capsule) is another potential solution
  • Put an acupressure wristband on your hand (these tighten over pressure points in the wrist)

Eat something before you go, best not to have an empty stomach.

When you are on the boat, face forward and stay outside and get lots of fresh air.

Think positively, relax and enjoy your experience 🙂